Contact Information & Board Bios

Sally Cox, Program Director
Phone:  (330) 806-1676
Fax:  (330) 315-2012
email:  Summitcountysafetycouncil [at] gmail [dot] com


Paul Alic,  President
Goldsmith & Eggleton
Office: (330) 335-1053
palic [at] goldsmith-eggleton [dot] com
Bob Pfeiffer, Vice President
Akrochem Corporation
bobpfeiffer [at] akrochem [dot] com
Robin Clute, Past President
Akron-Summit County Public Library - Retired
rthomasclute [at] gmail [dot] com
Board Members
Susan Aman
Waltco Lift Corp.
susan [dot] aman [at] hiab [dot] com (susan.aman)susan [dot] aman [at] hiab [dot] com (
Heather Cook
City of Barberton
hcook [at] cityofbarberton [dot] com (hcook)hcook [at] cityofbarberton [dot] com (
Nina Fullerton
GVS Safety
nina [at] gvssafety [dot] com (nina)nina [at] gvssafety [dot] com (

Tim Gemind
County of Summit - Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
tgemind [at] summitoh [dot] net

William R. Sanderson, CIH 
Akron Rubber Development Labs
bsanderson [at] polymericsinc [dot] com
Mark Schwerdtfeger
markschwerdtfeger [at] shearers [dot] com
Bill Silver
Akrochem Corporation - Retired
Billsilver54 [at] gmail [dot] com
Joe Wiltshire
jwiltshi [at] fastenal [dot] com (jwiltshi)jwiltshi [at] fastenal [dot] com (
Mike White
CT Taylor Construction
mwhite [at] cttaylor [dot] com (mwhite)mwhite [at] cttaylor [dot] com (
BWC Representative

Cari Gray
cari [dot] g [dot] 1 [at] bwc [dot] state [dot] oh [dot] us (cari.g.1)cari [dot] g [dot] 1 [at] bwc [dot] state [dot] oh [dot] us ( 
































































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